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Coaching, facilitation and personality assessments

Corporate and private clients



My name is Helen

As a coach and facilitator, I bring a wealth of experience from operational roles. Thriving in fast-paced environments, I enjoy both the dynamic nature and fostering teamwork camaraderie. I take great satisfaction in integrating diverse skills and strengths to enhance communication and support job satisfaction.

I blend a deep understanding of corporate demands with a genuine appreciation for self-care. I assist others in finding balance, navigating growth without overwhelming stimulation. Self-accountability is central to this process, fostered by an environment that encourages and expects it.

When we cultivate self-awareness and make conscious choices about our desires in life, we empower ourselves to effectively determine how our work aligns with our overall life and vice versa.


Work with me

Corporate 1:1 Coaching

Investing in 1:1 coaching shows a commitment to valuing and unlocking the untapped potential of your talented workforce, leading to improved employee retention and fostering a culture of continuous growth and development.

My program goes beyond skill development, helping individuals gain deep self-awareness and understand their unique strengths and communication style. This fosters personal and professional growth, while building meaningful connections within your organisation.

Corporate Facilitation

I work with clients to understand their challenges, opportunities and desired outcomes in order to create and facilitate effective and engaging sessions. I have a diverse portfolio of tried and tested programs/workshops that consistently deliver great results, offering valuable insights and practical outcomes.

When working with teams, my objective is to give everyone an opportunity to share their ideas, views and perspectives. I use a variety of methods to encourage ease and participation

Personality Assessments

I work with a unique personality assessment that clarifies motivation as well as method, whilst illustrating unique needs and strengths it also shows how we may change at different times and in different situations.


This tool combines the benefits of three personality assessments into one, making it an excellent leveller fostering high-quality collaboration.

The personality assessment can be used effectively and efficiently, delivering valuable insights and enhancing the performance of both individuals and teams.

Private Coaching

Unlock true potential and create a fulfilling life with 1:1 coaching.

Embrace your aspirations without guilt or hesitation. My role is to help you discover your strengths, guiding you towards increasing self-awareness and realising your potential.


My approach integrates coaching with my Purposeful Life Strategy addressing challenges while emphasising the importance of well-being.


Together, we'll create a framework for achieving goals and maintaining a balanced lifestyle that enables you to become the best version of yourself.

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