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Learn how to work, love and live on purpose

OYOS aims and objectives

oyos icon insight
Highlight connectivity of mind and
body for focussed awareness
oyos icon identify
Help high performers learn to
work, love and live on purpose
oyos icon support
Create sustainable change for
a fulfilled future

What OYOS brings to you

oyos icon expertise
Understanding of the mindset of
high performers
oyos icon empowerment
Empowerment and inspiration to take responsibility for your own life
oyos icon support
Support, accountability and commitment
to your goals


What people say about OYOS

"Helen has an extraordinary ability to help you dig deeper than you thought you could, or at times wanted to, and unlock personal performance improvements in the process.''
"Helen is passionate about helping teams unlock their potential and create a positive, productive and supportive environment. She fosters an action based approach that encourages team progress, cohesion and business benefits."
"Helen immediately instils trust and allows one to open up at ones own pace. She knows the questions to ask in a non-judgemental way and encourages you to reach the answers for yourself by nudging you in the right direction."
"Always constructive, Helen teaches you how to work with others and to understand how their perception of the world might differ from your own."