Own Your Own Self

Own Your Own Self

Awareness for managing self and being present

Own Your Own Self
Identify, own and change unhelpful patterns - physically and mentally

We all deserve to reach our full potential and be the best version of ourselves. As we grow up we learn how to modify and adapt ourselves to fit in with our environment be that school, work or relationships. We can lose touch with who we are and what we want in a bid to please others and be accepted. This workshop will help you understand who you are and what makes you tick in a first step towards developing your ideal life.

  • Identify what holds you back and help you make positive and sustainable changes.
  • Understand how your past does not need to dictate your future
  • Consider the impact of breath, stress and movement and how they might inhibit self-growth.
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With yourself; past, present and future

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About the importance of self-awareness and self-care, how the way you view yourself impacts on your well-being, your dreams and those around you

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Create connections through awareness

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Establish habits and rituals for sustainable change and development

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"Courage starts with showing up and letting ourselves be seen"
Brene Brown

What people say about OYOS

"I have so enjoyed your yoga. You have such a deep knowledge of the body and with your sensitivity and sense of humour it’s been so delightful!!"
"Helen brings boundless positive energy and a drive for action to any workshop. She creates a collaborative environment and space for open and productive communication which unlocks progress, issues and creativity."
"Jo is a lovely and caring teacher who is continually exploring yoga herself so she can pass on the very best practice to us through her classes. I’m feeling the benefits. Highly recommended!"
"Helen is a brilliant facilitator - she immediately puts everyone at ease with her engaging, sociable and very human style.  She prepares thoroughly to make sure the exercises are tailored to each group."