Own Your Own Movement

Own Your Own Movement

Movement for physical and mental well-being

Own Your Own Movement
Better movement, flexibility and strength

Everything is connected, inside and outside of us. Moving is the second most important thing we do. Too easily we can limit or restrict our movement either by being desk bound, not having enough time or conflicting priorities. This workshop will  help you understand how important movement is to your mind and body function and enable you to establish habits that are sustainable for you.

  • How you move informs all the systems of your body, internally and externally
  • Mind/body connection – how a healthy body is linked to a healthy mind
  • Poor movement patterns develop over time and are eventually debilitating. Early identification can prevent long-term pain and discomfort and un-necessary medical intervention
oyos icon connect

With your movement patterns and with the subtle sensations in your body

oyos icon learn

About healthy posture and movement and how to listen to what your body is telling you

oyos icon apply

Experience helpful, positive ways of moving

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Develop sequences, individually designed for daily maintenance, so that you can own your own healthy body and posture

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"I believe that becoming more attuned to our physical experience affects the choices we make in relation to ourselves, to our fellow human beings, our environment and to our planet"
Mary Bond

What people say about OYOS

"I have so enjoyed your yoga. You have such a deep knowledge of the body and with your sensitivity and sense of humour it’s been so delightful!!"
"Helen brings boundless positive energy and a drive for action to any workshop. She creates a collaborative environment and space for open and productive communication which unlocks progress, issues and creativity."
"Jo is a lovely and caring teacher who is continually exploring yoga herself so she can pass on the very best practice to us through her classes. I’m feeling the benefits. Highly recommended!"
"Helen is a brilliant facilitator - she immediately puts everyone at ease with her engaging, sociable and very human style.  She prepares thoroughly to make sure the exercises are tailored to each group."