Own Your Own Breath

Own Your Own Breath

Breathing for energy and relaxation

Own Your Own Breath
Learn to breathe effectively using the diaphragm to realise the positive implications for both the mind and body

Breathing is the most important thing we do. Whilst it is an automatic function we can, over time, establish breathing habits that have a detrimental impact on our bodies and minds. Without awareness we can cause long term damage to our bodies. This workshop will help you understand your own habits and how to change them.

  • How you breathe effects everything, every system in your body. It impacts your brain functioning and mood, your movement and performance, stress and sleep, behaviour and relationships. It even changes the shape of your face.
  • Mastery of the breath and understanding its significance is key to owning the connection between your mind and body.
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With your body and feel how the breath moves through you

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What happens in your body when you breathe and why this matters

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Explore simple techniques to enhance your breathing for improved wellness

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Develop habits that establish long-term healthy breathing

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"The quality of our breath expresses our inner feelings"
TKV Desikacher

What people say about OYOS

"I have so enjoyed your yoga. You have such a deep knowledge of the body and with your sensitivity and sense of humour it’s been so delightful!!"
"Helen brings boundless positive energy and a drive for action to any workshop. She creates a collaborative environment and space for open and productive communication which unlocks progress, issues and creativity."
"Jo is a lovely and caring teacher who is continually exploring yoga herself so she can pass on the very best practice to us through her classes. I’m feeling the benefits. Highly recommended!"
"Helen is a brilliant facilitator - she immediately puts everyone at ease with her engaging, sociable and very human style.  She prepares thoroughly to make sure the exercises are tailored to each group."