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We all know too many highly competent individuals who, behind closed doors, don't feel like they are enough. They speak of having big dreams and ambition to live a great life, but deep down they are stuck questioning their every move, feeling overwhelmed and confused.

They suffer from imposter syndrome and guilt for wanting more.

They feel like no-one understands them and the ones that do will 'figure them out'. This keeps them from harnessing their life and stepping into their full potential.

I believe that by intentionally changing the way we live, love and work we can create a kinder, more compassionate world, but we must start with ourselves.

You may want to ask yourself these questions;

  • Are you working to live or living to work?
  • Do you feel like there is more to life, but you don't know what 'it' is?
  • How happy are you with your current work life balance?
  • Do you feel valued, appreciated and part of something?
  • Do you wake up in the morning feeling energised and looking forward to your day?
  • What is the cost (emotional, physical or financial) of staying where you are right now

If this leaves you with more questions than answers, then the Purposeful Life Program could be just what you need to bring about the changes you want to see in your life.

Change happens when you take the first step, please get in touch today to schedule your free 30 minute consultation.

OYOS aims to

Harness the inherent talent
and skills within you
Help you identify and develop deeper knowledge of what holds you back
Support you to unlock your potential and learn to work, love and live on purpose

What OYOS brings to you

Experience and expertise across a range of techniques to help you understand  why some work and others don’t
Empowerment and inspiration to take responsibility for your own life, to aspire for complete wellness and unlock your potential for happiness
Support you in the development of positive relationships and mutual respect in all aspects of your life


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Putting health and well-being at the heart of everything we do.
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We combine straight talking and honesty with kindness and compassion
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Exploring and creating connections for insight, knowledge and transformation
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Driven to support, guide, teach and experience life with courage and determination
"Helen will ask you some uncomfortable questions and expect you to do your homework but that's because she cares about the outcome. You leading a better life"
"Helen expertly facilitated an interpretation session with me so I fully understood the results''
"Combines her deep knowledge of coaching and analytical tools with a genuine, caring and personable approach to make a formidable coach and trusted confidant."
" Helen immediately puts everyone at ease with her engaging, sociable and very human style."