My dear yogis Copy

My dear yogis Copy

I miss you!!!! I miss teaching. I miss laughing with you all. I miss your support and faith in me…. (however misplaced!)
A few of you have contacted me to ask me to do some live zoom classes….
So, I have been looking into this. I am NOT good with technology but I have succeeded in downloading zoom and having a look about. Here is the thing…. It is free for 40 minutes then you have to re-connect (bit of a faff) or pay for a better quality zoom scenario.


• Over the weekend I am going to get a few friends to test things out with me.
• Next week I will run x2 classes. Which will cut out at the 40 minute mark and we will have to re-connect. (I believe you just have to press the link again.) Let me know if you are interested in having a technology/yoga/faff experience!
• If all goes well and I get enough interest, I will upgrade and start running classes regularly from 13th April


• Is this something you are interested in?
• How many times a week would you be interested in coming to a class?
• What time of day would work best?
• What is the best method to send you the link?


I am VERY aware that many of you will be in the same situation as me, earning nothing. My main concern is that people are able to access yoga and practice with me. If you are not earning please just come to the zoom classes….
If you are earning, I suggest £5 as a reasonable price. If you could pay that into my bank account that would be incredible. Please msg me for bank details if you do not have them.
I am aware that many of you have paid for blocks which stopped half way. I have a note of who has paid and what class we were up to. I plan to start where we left off as soon as we are able….

I really hope you are all doing ok…..