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Workshops with OYOS

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Introductions, engagement and contracting
oyos icon learn
Sharing expertise and experience
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Shaping content for relevance and suitability
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Habits, rituals and routines for sustainability

Benefits for individuals

Small incremental steps ultimately lead to sustainable success
Improve your health and wellbeing
Develop tools and techniques that work for you
Gain clarity on what is important in your life
Take control of your life and realise your dreams
“Being human is not hard because you're doing it wrong, it's hard because you're doing it right.”
Glennon Doyle

Benefits for the workplace

We develop and facilitate bespoke workshops addressing specific goals and objectives supporting teams to work better together
Improve work place environment and increase productivity
Clearer thinking/ better problem-solving skills
Better immune system functioning. Decrease in illness & absence
Enhanced communication and contribution
“When people are financially invested, they want a return. When people are emotionally invested, they want to contribute”
Simon Sinek

In person workshops currently postponed due to COVID

All of our workshops stand alone as unique, training modules. There is no set sequence in which they need to be experienced. However, each one informs and re-enforces another and there are themes, ideas & techniques that are consistent throughout.

At OYOS, we are passionate about learning. Our teaching style is designed to engage and inspire, offering meaningful insight into holistic well-being practices. We recognise that to fully absorb information, learning should be fun and interactive, thought-provoking and significant, dynamic and different. It also needs to be attainable. We believe in encouragement, empowerment and respect. We know that small incremental steps ultimately lead to sustainable success and we are committed to supporting you whatever your pace.

We have designed these workshops to be open to all, inviting individuals and groups to attend and we are open to delivering any of our workshops at your club or society. Please get in touch if this is of interest to you.

We also work directly with companies and organisations to develop and facilitate bespoke workshops addressing specific goals and objectives. The principles of OYOS apply to all areas of life and work, when we are supporting a team we engender connections through shared understanding of each other, of the goals and objectives and of how to work better together.

What people say about OYOS

"Workshops have genuine outputs which have the potential to drill down into issues and find tangible solutions - unlocking the potential of businesses, teams and individuals."
"I love your workshops for the care, attention and interest you bring every time. I’ve learnt so much by moving slowly and listening to my mind and my body."
"Helen brings boundless positive energy and a drive for action to any workshop. She creates a collaborative environment and space for open and productive communication which unlocks progress, issues and creativity."
"It made me think and imagine what happens inside as we breathe. I was thinking about how my body works internally. Somehow this made me feel a greater connection to myself and not to sound too weird I felt a love for myself, a kindness, a gentleness."