own your own stress

Own Your Own Stress

Understanding the nervous system and managing stress

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Identify fight or flight response; anxiety, stress etc & learn how to have control over these responses

Stress has become a negative word, however it plays an important function in our lives. When we understand the importance of the nervous system and how to manage it we can own and manage our stress. This workshop will help you understand the different types of stress in your life and ultimately how to identify, eliminate or manage your stress.

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With yourself so that you can feel your nervous system responding to stimuli

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What stress is, how it affects you and its significance for your mind, body, behaviour and relationships

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Explore techniques, both real time and long-term, to achieve good nervous system regulation and take control of your reactions and responses

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Take away daily practices that have a meaningful impact on your well-being and allow you to manage your stress response

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"Between stimulus and response there is a space. In that space is our power to choose our response. In our response lies our growth and our freedom."

Viktor E Frankl

What people say about OYOS

"I have so enjoyed your yoga. You have such a deep knowledge of the body and with your sensitivity and sense of humour it’s been so delightful!!"
"Helen brings boundless positive energy and a drive for action to any workshop. She creates a collaborative environment and space for open and productive communication which unlocks progress, issues and creativity."
"Jo is a lovely and caring teacher who is continually exploring yoga herself so she can pass on the very best practice to us through her classes. I’m feeling the benefits. Highly recommended!"
"Helen is a brilliant facilitator - she immediately puts everyone at ease with her engaging, sociable and very human style.  She prepares thoroughly to make sure the exercises are tailored to each group."