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More about Jo

Jo recognises the importance of continued development thus ensuring her people benefit from evolving content and improving practices. Her interest in the systems within the body; how it’s all connected and the need for balance, continues to grow.

With over 25 years’ experience Jo has developed a unique style of teaching; informed by individual practice, the profound knowledge of some incredible teachers and a fascination with the workings of body & mind. This insight is balanced with kindness and attention.

With her own experience of contracting Lyme disease in 2019, Jo’s exploration into systems within the body deepened even further. The lack of a thorough understanding about the condition (and therefore any useful support) meant she had to find a way back to health along a less traditional route. Taking a holistic approach to her wellbeing by combining nutrition, breathing and relaxation techniques with movement and other non-invasive therapies, Jo brought her body back to health.

Following 20 years working alongside physiotherapists helping people with disabilities and driven by curiosity and a passion for helping others, she decided to study Thai Yoga massage in 2016. This enabled Jo to offer something to people who were not well enough to come to class and yet would benefit from the yoga principals.

With Jo’s inherent nature to explore, investigate and soak up knowledge, she has gained a significant understanding about how the body’s immune system works, the way it indicates that all is not well and how to address this at an early stage before chronic illness sets in. Inspired by what she had learnt, coupled by an increasing concern for others and the lack of awareness about how to be and stay well she created OYOS with her friend Helen.

Jo loves nature, every bit of it, believing in a respect for everything we share our world with, so that all things can have space to be and breathe. She is a gardener whose focus is wildlife and the provision of habitats for creatures to flourish. She believes that the yoga path/philosophy and a love and respect for the wild are inextricably linked.