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About Helen

Taking a break from corporate life in 2008 through an opportune redundancy, I retrained as an emotional intelligence coach. This was a defining moment in realising my potential as a coach and facilitator.

With a varied career history, the link in the chain, for me, has always been people. I have pursued an interest for helping and supporting the development of individuals and teams throughout my working life.

Never one to shy away from a challenge, I have collected many strings to my bow that enable me to connect with others through empathy and appreciation.

People matter to me, I believe that everyone should be given the time and space they need to be heard.  I have demonstrable evidence that ideas, inspiration and breakthroughs come when people feel safe, secure and encouraged.

Back into the corporate world in 2009, I began taking on roles that enabled me to master and hone my skills. Continually learning and testing material, I developed a toolkit of exercises and activities to enhance my coaching practice ranging from personality assessments to facilitated and targeted workshops. I combine my natural affinity with people with an instinctive curiosity that encourages and enables people to talk, share and as a result, unlock, develop and maximise opportunities.

In January 2019 I became ill with internal shingles. This led to over a year of pain, discomfort and emotional strain forcing me to change many areas of my life. Once active and full of energy, walking became limited and I noticed my stress and anxiety levels increase. When a multitude of tests and examinations for the unexplained pain all concluded with an unknown diagnosis,

I turned my focus to a physiotherapist who helped me learn how to breathe properly. This was a pivotal step as from here I began a journey into understanding how to restore my physical and mental health and in doing so learn how to live life on purpose.

The results for me were so compelling that I changed the way I coach to include these elements as the foundation for setting, achieving, and sustaining meaningful goals. I have combined everything that I learnt from my research with my emotional intelligence coaching experience to formulate my Purposeful Life Strategy that can be adapted and personalised to be successful for those willing, able, and committed to changing their lives for the better.